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Rosa Maria Payá and Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo Stop by the Martí’s

The daughter of the late opposition leader Oswaldo Payá, thanked the Marti’s, on behalf of her family for all of the support given to them.

Cuban activists Rosa María Payá and Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo visited the Martí headquarters last week to participate as guests on Cuba Al Dia and Las Noticias Como Son. This was the first time the activists have been able to participate on the shows in person, and the two were teary eyed as they met several of the Marti journalists for the first time.

“Finally I get to put faces on the voices that for years I have been listening to in Cuba.” Rosa Maria stated.

Rosa Maria, daughter of the late Cuban political activist and founder of the Christian Liberation Movement Oswaldo Payá thanked the Marti’s on behalf of her family for all of the support throughout the years. In July of last year, Payá was killed in a car crash that some are calling suspicious. Payá was a long-time supporter of the Martís, and he visited the Miami based broadcaster in a rare trip off the island in 2003.

Blogger Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo also met many Martí journalists for the first time and reflected on years of listening to them bring uncensored news and information to the island For him, he said, the Martís serve as an example of press freedom. Lazo has been a free speech activist in Cuba since 2000 and is the founder of the independent opinion and literary e-zine Voce.

The two are travelling through Europe and the United State to raise awareness on Cuba’s human rights issues and to seek an independent investigation into the death of Oswaldo Payá.